Willard Homewood ( WHO )

is a neighborhood in near north Minneapolis, MN, USA between Olson Highway (Highway 55)
and West Broadway Ave on the west edge of the city.  The city planning department calls it
Willard-Hay as does this Willard Homewood map  Most residents and the crime prevention
signs on the perimeter of the neighborhood use Willard Homewood.

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WHO handymen / craftspeople recommendations
Map of USPS collection boxes near 55411  from: here
Lincoln Peace Garden
Community Crime Prevention (link page)
Community Crime Prevention (contact for ccp specialists -we are in 4th precinct)
Fred's North Minneapolis Transit page about Bottineau LRT proposal thru/around N Mpls.
Insight News weekly, local Minneapolis paper
North News 2017 monthly newspaper
Northside Resident Redevelopment Council (NRRC) which is official community organization for our area.
Sumner Library (Olson Hwy at Emerson                 scroll down on that page)  )
North Regional Library (Lowry and Fremont N  scroll down on that page)
Homewood Studios at Plymouth and Russell Ave N is an artists' workspace and gallery/meeting
 space in North Minneapolis, is designed for local artists and their neighbors in the belief the
 visible presence of working artists contributes to the vitality, self-image, and coherence of
 our community.  No admission charge. Hours: Tue 5-9 pm Wed  1-6 pm Fri 1-6 pm Sat 1-4 pm
Wireless Minneapolis which provides low cost broadband Internet access.
The North Minneapolis wiki (northminneapolis.wikispaces.com) is now defunct.
I have not found an archive of the pages themselves as of 4/25/18.
Archived list from Dec 2011 of N Mpls wiki pages

  About this web site
On Mar 2, 2010 Fred H Olson registered the domain willardhomewood.org .
I plan to care take the domain until the WHO neighborhood organization
gets around to getting their own website up again...  Or I will just
maintain this simple page for them - I do plan to expand it with a better
description and contact info.

Some guy in Texas bought the domain willard-homewood.org (with dash)
that WHO also formerly had registered...

Some of the old WHO pages are available at Wayback Machine

This page  will not have information about current events;
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This page maintained by Fred H Olson as of 3/2/10.

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